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JWS 3309 or T-IV good enough?

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I am sure if this exact topic has been discussed before, but I wasn’t able to find a thread where it was discussed, so please forgive me if this is a repeat of something somewhere.


I used Mobil 3309 the last time I changed my transmission fluid. Now that I am ready to change my fluid again, I discovered that the distributor that I got my fluid from last time changed from being an Exxon Mobil distributor to a Chevron distributor. Now I am evaluating all of my fluid options and I have some questions.


I have been under the impression that the transmission fluid for our AW 55-50 transmission is supposed to conform to the JWS 3309 or perhaps the T-IV specification, but is that correct and what exactly does that mean? On the back of the 3309 bottle it says that for Porsche it meets specification JWS 3309/Type T-IV but for Volvo it doesn’t list any specifications. It just says all 5 speed transmissions. Any ATF that I have seen does not list JWS 3309 or T-IV in relation to Volvo but they are sometimes listed in relation to other vehicle makes.


The Valvoline Multi-vehicle ATF lists T-IV but not 3309 and the Castrol Transmax Import Multi-vehicle just says Volvo (all specifications), which I find highly suspect. I also remember someone claiming that the Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF Multi-vehicle formula supposedly met superseding specifications but it does not list either JWS 3309 or T-IV. Another thing that I noticed was that the Royal Purple, contrary to my memory, meets T-IV and JWS 3309 specification. I would love to use RP but at about $15 a bottle I am going to pass on that this time.


My question is, can I use any fluid that lists JWS 3309 or T-IV?


Also, I what are your recommendations? Should I pick up a case of the Aisin ATF from IPD the next time I am in Portland or can I use something that I can pick up from my local auto parts store?

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