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It's been a while since I visited here, I had to replace a DRL so naturally this is the place to go for knowledge.....

A 'reintroduction' is probably in order. We bought our R on October 29th 2003, it is just short of 200k miles. I planned on keeping it until all three of our kids learned how to drive a manual with it before we let it go. Our oldest learned in cost us a clutch. She is now a Navy Officer stationed on a ship in Rota Spain....she finally realized the importance of knowing how to drive with a manual transmission. 

Our middle one is Tomas, some may remember his three year fight with leukemia from 07-10. He is now 16 and has mastered the manual transmission without destroying it.

Anna turns 16 next summer, she will be number three.

I'm not sure if I will get rid of the car when she learns how to drive it.

I'm seriously thinking about having it rebuilt/upgraded from the ground up.

This car has been the focal point of this family ever since we bought it. We have had four other cars since getting the R but only the R was there for the chemo runs, emergency room runs, range time, senior prom, commissioning and so many other life events that have defined our family. 





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