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The other day I went to my local Canadian Tire dealer for an oil change on my 2005 V70R and the next days I had a "oil level low" warning on the display :-( I addition to that, in the afternoon I had lost most power (car runs like it has not gas comping in). I went back to the dealer and this is what they told me:"The oil level warning was there because we did not reset the oil level sensor and because of this, the car goes into a "sick" mode which cause the lost of power". They gave my back my car and did not charge me anything. I thought this was a load of crash and so I figured I would ask the experts at

Any thoughts?



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Sounds like BS to me. The light comes on because the level is low. Add oil and the light goes out. The only thing that needs restring is the service interval setting in the DIM. I think they screwed up and are being less than straightforward about it. Something was loose that allowed the oil to leak out i.e. Drain plug, dipstick. 


How low was it?  Did you check before taking it back?  Never heard of it going into limp mode because of oil level. Hope the engine isn't damaged. 

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