'06 Radiator Removal? HELP!

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A large suicidal raccoon has resulted in a cracked radiator.  Looked online and in VIDA on the replacement procedure, and it didn't look too bad, so got a replacement and started tearing it down.

BUT - apparently the R is different enough that the usual V70 procedure, and even the procedure in VIDA for this VIN is not correct for this car.  I've got the fan and housing out, and the radiator completely free, but I am unable to either drop it out the bottom or take it out the top.  The long mounting wings on the sides are unable to get past what looks to be a metal AC pipe on the left side, and a braided hose on the right.  The ends of both of those hoses go out of sight either in the front of the clip or under the engine.

Has anyone replaced a radiator on this series R?  What am I missing?  Looks like I'll have to pull the whole front clip and release the freon from the AC to get at least one of the pipe/hose off to be able to drop the radiator.  VIDA makes no mention of any of that.  I'm wondering if in some previous repair things were incorrectly run and are now in the way...

Thanks folks!




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