For Sale - New Front & Rear Sway Bar + Subframe Bushings + TME Lowering Springs

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Discounted new Volvo V70R parts that will get your wagon handling like new

I used to own a 2004 Volvo V70R that I loved. In November of 2016, I was hit by a Dodge Ram 2500. It appeared to be body damage only, but ultimately the frame was bent and the car was totaled. I was planning to take the car to the shop the very next week to have all of these parts installed. All parts are brand new, never installed and most are still in their original packaging.

IPD HD Front Sway Bar & Mounting Hardware 
IPD HD Rear Sway Bar & Mounting Hardware. They retail for $427. I am offering both of them for $350. Here is the link to those items on IPD. 

Volvo HD Sub Frame Bushings -$160 of parts that I am offering for $120 Here is the link 

TME Lowering springs - Originally $480 parts that I am offering for $400 Here is the link 

I would be willing to pull together a package deal if you are interested

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