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New Coils

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Sorry, the phones playing up!



I've just picked up an 05reg V70r 6gt 

Its a really nice car, well maintained with lots of history and near mint bodywork.

The test drive went very well and I bought the car, however on the 250m drive home I had the opportunity to really give it a work out and I noticed a missfire accompanied with a CEL when accelerating very hard.

The car had plugs last t service 2 months ago but checking through the history I can see it's never had Coils so I figured this would be a fine place to start.

question is, Does the R need a specific type?

I was looking at Bosch 413660220

Will this be suitable?

Many thanks .


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The error code should have specified which cylinder had the misfire.  Before buying an injector, I would move the coil to a different cylinder and see if the error code moves with the coil.

As for coils, not all are the same length.  I suggest these:


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