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what are these motors capable of. i have an upsolute tune running 10.5 boost. thought about maybe a cam swap?   its a 2000 s40

any suggestions from you guys? id like just a little more pop. i notice the stock CAT thats off the turbo is the most restrictive thing ever and magnaflow makes a much more flowy one.i was gonna swap that. 

any advice would be awesome!!!!!!

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Magnaflow is definitely less restrictive then the oem cat, but the next restriction is the midpipe.

I had ordered the magnaflow before getting the rest of the exhaust and ended up colluding the two worlds. If I had to do it again I'd say just have a custom dp made and skip the second cat outright or put in one of those coolkid fake looking cats.

I used the magnaflow, had an ebay machine shop craft up a flange that mates to the cat fitting / oe gasket, and had the exhaust shop install the jetex with a midpipe that has a high flow ebay cat. 




(pretty sure jetex is in the same factory as magnaflow?)







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