98 to 99 V70 auto trans. swap

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Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has ever successfully installed a 4-speed AWD transmission from a 98 V70 AWD to a 99 V70R AWD; willing to share how it turned out...did it work properly? Was it 100% plug and play or did you run into issues requiring any mods? Any information anyone can share is greatly appreciated as I may be looking to do the same swap; my 99 V70R reverse just went out after a complete fluid flush (I knew better too) vehicle has 119K miles, and I'm looking to doing the swap I just mentioned, or having it rebuilt (but I just don't wanna pay the high cost for a rebuild just yet).


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Not sure about the swap, haven't tried it myself but I'm pretty sure the solenoids are different due to the changes in drivetrain management from 98 to 99.

That being said, I have an auto from a 99 R in great shape with lower miles that was removed for a M66 (6 speed manual) swap last spring.  Where are you located?

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Hi Andyb5,

Starting to have problems with my trans in my 99 and may need a swap. 

Do you still have your auto trans?

How did the manual swap work out for you?




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