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Got little red wagon for Christmas

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I don't post here much but used to in the past when it was S40 Concepts.  Anyway, my Silver '05 V50 T5 got totaled this past November by a deer that exercised poor judgement in crossing the road.  The car was just shy of 200K miles and running fantastic.  What a shame.  I wanted another V50 T5 and looked at a few but nothing was panning out.  Then Herb Gordon Volvo got a red 2005 V50 T5 6spd.  I wasn't going to buy it because my wife doesn't drive a stick but she talked me into it.  Whooo Hoooo!  I haven't driven a stick since I traded my Acura Integra in for the S40 back in 2002 and forgot how much fun it is.


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