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Exhaust Options / Upgrades For 1999 V70R

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A short while ago, I bought a '99 V70R for an extremely cheap amount and have been slowly repairing it since. Now, I am near the end of stage 0 and am just waiting for enough money for a timing belt/ serpentine belt/water pump. I have been looking at upgrading my turbo to (20t?) and getting a tune.

So, with this, what options are there for exhaust? (This still has AWD)

 Can I keep stock and still get decent gains?

Can I upgrade the existing system by cutting and "splicing"?

I know that ETS has a downpipe + cat for 700 but that would certainly blow my buget considering I would have to buy/ build the catback after that.

I also have contemplated removing the AWD all together, especially because the angle gear has a small leak at one of it's seals that I am yet to fix.

This will also be my daily in a short time so I don't really want to straight pipe it either (even though it is legal where I am).

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