Any other c30 guys??

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Yeah and all the previous c30 posts are dead... I guess I'll have to keep this spot filled.

I'm on c30Crew and SS but don't post much on SS even though it's the first forum I joined. I find the lack of knowledge to be a turnoff. I wish there was a group with the knowledge like VS which is my fav.

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LOL, the OG are def dying off/moving on. Only the hardcore are really there. But still those handful of folks are still better technically than any of the other sites I've been on.

An example on c30crew someone asked about light weight wheels. The response was astounding, "light weight wheels wouldn't matter in the big picture since the car is so light weight anyway". Until someone chimed in about unspring mass. Even then some were still skeptical. WTF???:blink: Some of the a$$hats on SS are like that too. Like the guy that argued with me that since Volvo doesn't recommend flushing your trans its a bad idea, because he's an "engineer"... :rolleyes:

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