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V70R noise/screech from Brakes in Snow/Ice

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During December I have twice driven in Snow / Icing Conditions and as I drove along my V70R (2003 Model) made a noise/screech and vibration.

This noise was there from over 15mph up to 70mph when it faded away.

Putting the car in neutral had no effect on this. The sound appeared to be coming from the front wheels.

The noise was frightening to my family and made the car feel upsafe.

My thought is that it is to do with the ABS/Traction control being "confused" by the snow and ice.

Has anybody else had this experience? Does anybody have any solutions



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This Tech Bulletin sounds like your problem:


DATE: 7-21-2004

MODEL: AWD, S60 / S80 / V70 / V70 XC / XC70 / XC90

M. YEAR: 2001 -->


SUBJECT: High Pitched Squealing Noise, Exhaust Touching Propeller Shaft.


DESCRIPTION: Under certain conditions when driving through puddles of water, slush and

or snow, the underside of exhaust system may cool down fast enough causing the exhaust to

change shape and touch the propeller shaft, causing a very high pitched squealing noise.

This noise will be noticed by the driver for only a short time, once the exhaust temperature

equalizes the noise will disappear. If the customer should have this complaint a tell tale mark

will be left on the propeller shaft (see illustration below).


Description Quantity Part Number

Service kit 1 30676687

Exhaust Conflict with prop shaft (location rear lip of front muffler).

SERVICE: Should the customer experience this condition please install the exhaust support

kit, following the instructions listed below.

1. Remove the existing cross-member.


- the new cross-member. Tightening torque 25 Nm.

Open the clamp.


- the clamp on the exhaust pipe with the screw, loosely

- the rubber blocks and adjust the clamp so that the rubber blocks are vertical.

Tighten the screw on the clamp. Tightening torque 25 Nm.


Doug H

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