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  1. Some of you have reported the problems with links I posted above, here is the link one more time: https://merch-shop.com/collections/volvo-items I have also seen that some of you have already ordered the stickers It would be great to see some pictures of stickers on your cars / in garage. The promotion is still going on and US shipping is only $3.49
  2. Hello Volvo Lovers! I'm a Volvo Enthusiast & Designer and I would like to share my designs with you, created with passion for Volvo. To build a trust with forum members I decided to do a promotion – Free Volvo Stickers giveaway ($5.90 value) you just have to cover a small shipping cost. Use coupon code: FREEVOLVOSTICKER at checkout. I have already tried to reach out to the forum admins / owners but I didn't get any response so I hope it's OK if I put this into Classifieds area. If not please contact me and let me know. Free Volvo Stickers - CLICK HERE