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  1. its a great car, why would you NOT sell it?
  2. I have the exact same question! Im also wondering about using a 2.3 T5 block to replace my 2.5.
  3. Hey Guys, I've been looking around can't find a good picture of an Eibach Pro kit (1.8" drop) or H&R mazda 3 lowering spring kit installed on a V50 or S40 05+. You can find them really cheap used, so Im wondering if it was a good option. Thanks!
  4. I'll probably end up forking out for the spring/ coilover sleeve setup. Id like to try 350 rate springs.
  5. im excited. hopefully the konis will be able to control my 450 lbs springs
  6. just to be clear ( i happen to have a koni yellow sitting on my desk staring at me waiting for those brackets) What your making is adapter brackets to put FWD 850 rear konis on an AWD. This is what the shock looks like p.s ( i cant edit) but i meant it to be a question. Is that what your making?
  7. the brackets your looking for are already avaliable.. just stupidly expensive if they get made before i have a change to get them made.. Im also in
  8. i have a set of ohlins rear springs if anyone wants them, shoot a PM. almost brand new ohlins next to regular
  9. how old are the nivomats? and are they the same as "lookforjoe?"
  10. i don't mind the front (that's easy) and the height in the back isnt too bad either. It's just way too soft back there. I may be buying a set of springs for back there, basically they are 3" coilover springs that have been cut to work. It should stiffen up the rear end, but it probably will be a pretty harsh ride.
  11. stock everything: I really hope we got some non-nivo options pretty soon!
  12. I was emailing with VIVA the other day. Coming this summer (supposidly) is going to be a kit for AWD's. Basically the kit is going to have 2 parts, lowering springs, and adapter brackets for regualar shocks. So you buy koni's, you get the kit, and you "should" have the proper spring rate, and a lowered height, without the cost of replacement nivos, and a handeling gain. I can't wait. It seems someone's listening to me. Finally were going to have an option for people like me who WONT run nivomats, and wants koni yellows.
  13. yep^ finally did it Click Here step 2. Find the spring that will give a good drop and have a stiff spring rate. coming summer 2012.