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  1. Not sure about the swap, haven't tried it myself but I'm pretty sure the solenoids are different due to the changes in drivetrain management from 98 to 99. That being said, I have an auto from a 99 R in great shape with lower miles that was removed for a M66 (6 speed manual) swap last spring. Where are you located?
  2. Awesome find Nick!!
  3. You can use the shocks from a S70 AWD but you'll need the springs to go with it as well
  4. The best part about that picture is there is the owner of another Laser in the background.
  5. Neubar, my initial impressions have been very positive. It's been bitterly cold/snowing up here so I haven't had much grip (even with snow tires) so right now I can't even come close to using the full potential of this setup. I'm running Porterfield R4-S pads and this brake setup definitely has much more stopping power than my old 302s with OEM pads. With the 302s, I was never able to get ABS to engage on a dry road at highway speeds. With the BBK, ABS has been easy to engage. And these pads just get better the harder I drive, I'm a fan so far. I'll be sure to report back once they've been properly driven on with summer tires at autocross! Brandon, my V12s aren't wearing as well as I hoped, but given that I don't drive a lot (typically ~8000 miles/year) and I run snow tires in the winter, I'm ok with trading tread life for grip. I actually think the sidewalls are fairly soft compared to a number of competitors tires, and that's why they actually ride pretty comfortably given their performance capabilities. I also noticed a decent amount of roll-over under hard cornering during autocross if I didn't have the pressure fairly high (40+ PSI) when hot. Overall they're a good street tire but not the best for autocross. In the pic below my tire pressure was low, and you can see the tire noticeably deforming under load:
  6. Time for an update. I recently installed a pair of 996 Turbo 4-piston Brembo calipers and S60 R rotors (330mmx32mm) on the front of my car. These calipers are quite thick, thicker than the 928 GTS/993 Turbo and Ceika 6-piston calipers I'm pleased to report that the STI wheels, with 19mm adapters (final offset of +34) clear the caliper with plenty of space to spare. I haven't used I can fit a full finger in between the back of the spokes and the face of the caliper. This is conservatively measured at 8mm, but may be closer to 10mm. As you can see below, there is more than adequate space for the spokes to clear. I'll get out a set of calipers and take a proper measurement between the face of the caliper and the wheel spokes next time I'm at my shop. Here's the finished product'>
  7. IPD does make HD coilpacks. Bosch is the same as OEM. At $50+ each, these are something most people only replace as needed.
  8. My 99 has 176k. Bought it in December 2011 with 149k. The past 3+ years have been overall pretty good. Did a pretty thorough stage 0 after purchase, and it's held up to my abuse remarkably well. I auto-cross fairly often, drift it almost every time it snows, load it full of stuff decently often, and have even towed another V70 3 hours home. One time my friend crashed it into a concrete post and it only took me a couple hours to fix. Overall, it's been a reliable and highly capable vehicle. I recently had to do a fuel pump, pump wiring, and replace the hard lines on top of the tank. That wasn't a very enjoyable experience due to the time constraints I was working under,but I'd have no issues doing it over
  9. Nick, it seems to me that the "mystery bushing" could be machined out of delrin. I can't imagine that wear would be much of an issue as the bushing shouldn't see much force because it is used as a locating mount for the lower control arm stays, and has very limited range of travel. If delrin is unacceptable for that application, a generic poly bushing (for example from Energy Suspension's universal bushing catalog) could be used with an external steel sleeve to allow the poly bushing to sit tightly into the lower control arm opening; much like the upper engine mount bushing.
  10. Also, I would like to let you know how jealous I am of your nice clean corrosion-free subframe. Mine is so nasty
  11. Looks good so far, definitely interested to see some more pics of your wagon! I'd be in for some of the rear suspension bushings as well if you are having some produced.
  12. I swear you're reading my mind here Will! After talking with Neubar at Carlisle about the rear bushings in his car, I am seriously contemplating acquiring a spare subframe to work on rebuilding and improving upon. You've done an awesome job of collecting and organizing a tremendous amount of information in such a concise manner :tup: This thread should be stickied for permanent reference! If you can measure the dimensions of the "mystery bushing" on the lower arms, it may be possible to find or adapt a generic/universal bushing to work for our need.
  13. He sold it:
  14. Yes they are. But apparently (no first hand experience here) the weight reduction is nice, but the real difference is the reduction in heat transfer to the hubs. Here's a great thread about the Gyrodisc rotors: http://forums.swedespeed,com/showthread.php?174724-GiroDisc-2-Piece-Rotors&highlight=gyrodisc
  15. Viva sells the Girodisc rotors. My guess (completely no factual basis) is that the center hats are custom and the rotors are off the shelf, since I know Porsche and few other cars use 330x32 rotors with 4 piston Brembo calipers. According to a couple posts on SS, you can get replacement rotor discs for $465 from Girodisc. Apparently you just need to email them