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  1. Just testing Still testing
  2. V70R members still will get 10% off all orders at with coupon code Volvospeed10 and free shipping if the order is over 99 dollars. In addition supporting members will receive an additional 5% off as well as free shipping on orders over 99 dollars. The current code can be found pinned at the tops of the Benefactors Lounge. So in short supporting members now get 15% off at FCP as well as free shipping if the order is over $99. Happy New Year, and thank you again to FCP!
  3. If you listened to me you would have changed Jims rep to +1000 so I could rep him down 1000 times and no feel guilty. Grats on not losing your mind.
  4. The inline 5 was an interference engine.

  5. 1 have a 98 v70 with a broken timing belt

    is this an interference engine?

  6. Yes but I am not slowing down the server for 99% of the time to make it easier 1% of the time.
  7. Click advanced search and add a member filter.
  8. I think a lot of people just are not using the search options correctly. If you posted something more than a year ago, its going to be way quicker to sue the search vs scrolling through all your posts. As for 24 hours vs 48 vs something else, my logic was than if you wanted that just set it to all as I suggested for you. That way you can scroll back however far you want, 1 day 10 days, a million days as the posts are listed cronologically.
  9. Did you even read my reply? You said "Up there" so I assume you mean the upper right where it says "New Content" If you had read you would have seen that ALL new content is an option, but its user defined not server defined. As for members post under profiles, I want to check server impact first. Yes this is a small site now, but that does not mean it should be slow. Second the last thing I want to do is give you a feature now to have to take it away later. You bitch for weeks when I move a feature. God forbid I remove one. BTW Mike said he was banning you, can you even reply still?
  10. Mike just asked me to have it where when you click "View Members posts" it shows you all of them, not just last years worth. I am not comfortable with doing this until I see how much extra load it will put on the server. As for "View New Content" thats a user defined setting. You just need to click the drop down at the top right next to your avatar and select settings. At the very bottom of that page you will see search options. Check it from last 24 horus to all.
  11. View new content shows you all the posts you have not read in the last 24 hours. If you do nto come here for 2 days than view new content in theory shows you only half of the new content/
  12. Yet here you are where both JRL and myself out rank you
  13. He would quote you on that but he can;t