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  1. I still check in, but not as frequently as I should. If Mike ups my pay then I'd b here every day
  2. Would definitely start with a steering angle sensor (clockspring) with that DTC.
  3. Have you looked to see if something is caught between the exhaust and drive shaft?
  4. I've seen pictures of a few over the years. I don't think it would be hard to add, might even be able to keep the space ball in tact and put the leather over it. Pop the shifter plate and you'll see what I mean.
  5. Yes it's possible but it's not easy. If your PCV system is original it would be a good idea to do the entire thing.
  6. Are the bulbs in your car original? If so start there. Osram bulbs are OEM and are roughly 50 each on amazon.
  7. Congrats!! Hopefully the repair bills haven't been too large up to this point.
  8. No doubt that is a total loss. You could try to find some recent sales of other VR's here, on SS etc. to show your insurance company. They certainly aren't a dime a dozen, especially if you've got three pedals. Sorry about your loss and hope you didn't get banged up too bad.
  9. A little late on the response, but has the transmission ever been serviced?
  10. The number is floating around somewhere. I seem to recall it was under 2000 vehicles for all 4 years.
  11. Most of use use a service like photobucket or something to host photos. This site is in the process of being updated so there may be some technical issues going on. If you don't have any luck with an image hosting site, email them to me at ihatespeedbumps@yahoo.com.
  12. I've seen something similar on an XC90 once. Turns out the ring gear had a few teeth missing. My guess is that this problem is going to get much worse if you continue to drive it.
  13. Have you tried checking the fuel pressure with a mechanical gauge at the fuel rail?
  14. The R gets 26ish mpg's if I'm being nice to it on long trips. Stock tune. I'm curious if that number will go up with a tune as some advertise.
  15. Not saying it couldn't be a sensor, but your symptom is a characteristic of a vacuum leak. If you found a hose that was off and you re-connected and the symptom is gone you very well may have resolved your issue. Probably not a bad idea to clear the code and drive for a few days to see what happens.