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  1. Things like this do happen. Important thing to remember is that its not about dwelling its about moving on. Moving on does not mean that you do not remember, it just means that you will not let a single day rule your life. We all have our own skeletons to deal with. No one needs more,
  2. Cross posting this: In the wake of recent media events, I wanted to take a second to wish you all a happy holiday. In addition, know this time of year brings an increased level of stress and depression in some individuals. While the easy thing to do is shrug it off, if you know people like this personally you should take a moment to reach out. At the end of the day, no one person can save the world, but each individual has the potential to change another persons life. I am grateful to have anyone here who is reading this, and am personally available if anyone just needs to talk. Hope you all have a safe holiday, and try not to get wrapped up in the media BS which will just drag you down.
  3. SSL really doesnt do much unless I keep everything on a different server. I have extra IPs for SSL and at one point used them for log in but really added nothing other than a couple hundred dollars a year cost and some lag.
  4. Thats kinda of for you guys to decide. Whatever you all think will work best and will be easy to search.
  5. Limitation of php. Thats why I installed the google search option. Click the drop down and select google site search
  6. Says right there why. Apparently there is a quota and you are over it by 50000% LOL. Let me raise that
  7. Works for me, whats the error message?
  8. File attachment test
  9. I know about it. I will have it fixed shortly. Vs does it too
  10. Yeah, 6 was over 11 years ago. It did not support Ajax.
  11. Works in MSIE7 with a setting change, I forget which. Works in MSIE out of the box. Does not fully work with MSIE 9 yet. FF, Safari, Opera, Konquor, and Chrome are all working as far as I know.
  12. Hi!

    Could you give me btsam's email address?

    I would like to ask him what kind of wheels does he have?


  13. With new software you can add him to your ignore list and never have to see a single one of his posts
  14. HAHA. Mike out of no where. V70R frusturating you more than normal today LOL. Attachments work in the forums I want them to as far as I know. In this forum only admins and mods can attach files, but in 90% of the other forums members should be able to. I know someone else in this thread already said they could. Forum rules/ privacy policy I do not have a formal one yet because the site is still too new and we are doing shake out.... IE I may shake you out Big project We will start a topic in the showroom and list them and pin it. Again been busy. Events/meetings Its renamed to "Member Announcements And Events" If you have an Event, Announce it. How-to/DIY To small of a section to stand on its own. Again plan is to build a TOC and pin it. Stop visiting here? Based on your last 5-10 posts that would save me a lot of time and be appreciated.
  15. System time is set to Zulu. You need to set an offset in your profile. It sounds like you're -7gmt or MT time? As for posts its also set as a default under your profile. If you want to track on a case by case basis, click the notifications option at the bottom of any topic and select how you want to be notified. Use the supporting member Gallery under memebers then