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  1. I did it about a year and half ago on mine. I think its actually sort of in front and on top of the rear suspension. You have to access it through a panel in the tailgate. Its right behind the rear passanger seat. Its a bit of a PITA but its only a half hour or so job. The hardest part was figuring out how to get the forward most tailgate panel off. If i remember correctly you have to undue everything from the opening then drop it down from the bottom. Don't exactly remember if you had to get to the mounting bolts from the bottom though. Oh and its kind of a tight space so small hands help. Joe
  2. No permit. Was on the two lane road going out of Death Valley toward Vegas. Not the salt bed. Earlier on the same trip I drove by the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah but it wasnt open. Thats where you need the permit...
  3. Me in Death Valley shortly before taking the R up to 130mph.
  4. 130 mph in Death Valley 2 years ago. Started to get a little loose so I had to back off. That was with 140K on the original stock suspension. Haven't had a chance to push it that much since I've overhauled the suspension....
  5. You are correct...someone felt creative and painted it.
  6. Looks like you do have an R based on the interior and blue background gauges. The front bumper and wheels have definetly been replaced though.... Joe
  7. 98's have black covers, 99-00 have blue covers Edit: bejinfbk beat me to it.
  8. I agree. That's not an R front bumper. Maybe it was damaged at one point and replaced with a standard one. The rear bumper is correct but looks like the previous owner added dual exhaust as the 98s had single exhaust. Also the wheels are stock T-5 wheels not R. Joe
  9. Reminds me of 1987.... I built a custom BMX bike with the same color combination. Joe
  10. If you have an auto trans you have the 16t. The 18t came on manual trans R's which didnt make it to the US. I think Doug was refering to 300hp at the crank. Not sure what records you set, but you are one of the only female R owners here. Welcome to the club. Joe
  11. Hey Doug, Nice looking house, Im jealous of all the garage space, lift and landing strip driveway! Have you checked out the Don Garlits Museum in Ocala on any of your trips? I stopped by there on a roadtrip a couple years ago and they had some pretty interesting drag cars in there. One that stands out had a huge compressed air canister which was intended to take the place of a supercharger. Apearantly they had trouble regulating the air flow and never got it to work as intended.... Joe