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  1. G'day everybody, Thought i'd say hi, I 'm an Aussie, located in Northern VA, USA. Work in DC. Always loved R's. Never had a volvo before so wish me luck! I bought the R from a guy on Swede speed. His build thread here (lots of photos here) Just some of the things PO did to the car. All coils and plugs fuel pressure sensor fuel pump and seal Timing belt all 4c suspension 4c control module Front and rear passenger 4c accelerometers ABS control module Alternator tie rods control arm bushings IPD sway bars IPD exhaust Both O2 sensors Snabb massive front mount intercooler Snabb downpipe Elevate intake All new engine mounts trans mount Upper shock mounts end links Brake rotors Brake pads Alcantara headliner floor mats powder coated valve cover and intercooler piping all new stereo Full interior dynamat of the rear from passenger floor back, entire roof and rear hatch New windshield New OE cupholder Restored console Pioneer 4400 DD HU BT touch screen JL W7 12" in custom sealed box JL 500W digital amp Custom made headlights IPD grill Started to sort out some of the minor issues. Currently looking at adding a muffler to the IPD exhaust. I do really like the note and the added benefits of flow, but the dull drone at 60mph is starting to bug me a little too much. David Leach helped me out with a VIDA setup on my old laptop and directed me to the right DiCE. Happy to pass along his details if anybody wants them.