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  1. Hey guys! I am looking at possibly buying a 2000 V70R that is for sale by me and wanted to see what you guys feel it may be worth? It was originally listed for sale about a year ago listed as needing a headgasket because #4 cylinder was consuming coolant but found out that it eventually got worse and he had to stop driving it. Car never sold and sat ever since (for about a year now). It's been sitting outside so as you can expect its extremely filthy and mossy, and was pointed out once I went to look at it that the windshield was cracked, completely from top to bottom, on the passenger side. So you can obviously tell moisture has been getting in the car while its been sitting because there was mold all over the passenger seat bottom, and wouldn't be surprised if more wasn't found throughout the car... All in all the car "seems" pretty solid, has only 137k on it, body & paint look near 99%, bumpers are peeling a tiny bit would be the only flaws but no dents or dings. Aside from the mold, the interior DOES look pretty good except for the driver seat which some of the seams are coming apart (can always be fixed). Originally the car was listed for $1600 with the known headgasket problem, but after it sit from not selling he said he ended up finding coolant in the crankcase and did disclose that he knows its going to need a motor now as well so he wouldn't tell me what he wanted for the car but wanted me to make an offer. I ended up offering him $500 for the car but he came back saying that he wanted $850 for it as is. What do you guy think the car I worth or what would you pay knowing the condition that it needs a minimum of a motor and windshield.... I'll try to upload some pictures once I get them off my phone.