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  1. Hello I'm in northern California I have a 1999 Volvo V70R AWD turbo that I purchased 2 months ago from the 2nd owner I only bought it cause I knew of the service records aside from the new suspension, rims, and tires which still have 60k Warrenty left on them. Car ran amazing untill after a month of driving it I put around 5k miles on her and blew a cam seal had it towed to a shop couldn't afford the price they wanted to fix it. 2800 so decided to try and repair myself I got it repaired the cam seal but didn't lock. The cam when removing the hub or tb. Long story short put it togeather turned over by hand with 30 mm socket 2 full rotations there was no hang ups tryed once to start it and sounded like no compression? I did notice that there's a couple lines not hooked up that I took off also just noticed nock sensor was not bolted to the block I think I lost position of the timing ? I did make a cam locking tool when putting it back togeather any ideas on why it sounds like no compression? I've herd lawn mower syndrome? If I put oil down plugs how long do I try and start it before it will get compression back? Id appreciate any info on how I can repair myself or I will sell her if there's any one interested I'm in northern California about an hour north of Sacramento. the car is very clean garaged kept always and non smoking car. Clean title and all service records on car fax including new transmission installed at 60k miles newer Volvo rims newer suspension and tires still warrenty'd 189k miles AWD and many options she's loaded with front and rear fog lights, 3rd row seats, cargo net, 3 memory control seat adjustments, sun roof, preium surround sound system with built in sub., Heated seats and mirrors trip,and mpg,mpg-0 etc carpets look new no stains the wood grain by ebrake has a couple chips in it vin number is YV1LV62D0X2626660 made in ghent Belgium and engine is B28A R6 2.8L messege or call with any questions David 5306931956