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  1. I am looking to add a trailer hitch to my V70 R for hauling small motorcycle trailer and bicycles. Any info or suggestions would be welcomed. BlueStrada
  2. Hello from Charlotte, NC. Just picked up my 05 V70 R last week and really enjoying it. Sold my XC 70 from 03 that was a terrific car and just bumped into the R car. Had many Volvos and Saabs too for that matter, but this is first R. I did just take away the IPD cat back exhaust and replace it with OE system. Just too noisy to live with every day for me. being in the Motorcycle Industry... I have a penchant for quiet vehicles. Spent 40 years in the Motorsports Industry... mostly motorcycles and operate a boutique touring company from Charlotte. for visitors to our great Blue ridge and Smoky Mountain roads. I've owned Volvos from PV 544 to 1800ES and more. Hope to meet up with other R owners sometime in the future.