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  1. Hello gentlemen. In my S60R B5254T4 the cylinder liner broke. I want to use a B5234T3 block with a 81mm sleeve and a cylinder head from my B5254T4 with all the accessories. I searched for detailed information on the subject but nothing concrete I found. I heard that I can use my connecting rod and crankshaft 2.5T to increase the stroke from 90mm to 93.2 and the capacity to 2.4L. Which pistons do I use, with 2.3L? Please tell me about this assembly of 2.3 T5 + B5254T4 block in the best configuration. I am from Poland, I was thinking about using the recommended block B5244T5, but in my region 2.3T5 engine is more than half cheaper so I would like to build a motor on this block