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  1. I already replaced the TCV. Actual mileage is 155k, sorry for the typo. After reloading ecm software I am unpleasantly surprised by boost control. Hilton has my back.
  2. 04 SR Manual, 55k miles. Only makes 10psi at WOT. No head-to-the-seat torque whatsoever. I've driven 3 stock V70R cars since I bought this SR and the difference in power is stiffing. No codes(read with authentic Vida at the shop). Recently replaced spark plugs with genuine, genuine fuel pump, OTE pipe O ring, vac lines, TCV, throttle body hose is now IPD pipe, replaced stock DP with a stainless 3" catted DP. Checked wastegate setting(7psi), reloaded the ECM, checked the turbine for abnormal shaft play(none). Doesn't matter what RPM I go WOT, it does not start to pull hard like the other cars I have driven. I'm not sure what's happening because there are no codes, just an evident lack of a torque curve. Feels flat as a board during acceleration. Everything else about the car is awesome, it just doesn't haul like it should. Any help would be greatly appreciated.