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  1. Appreciate the insight....but the plot thickens. Another vehicle came up only radar, a 2004 v70r with 135,000 miles. The caveat with this car is it was a trade in and lacks any maintenance history. It is being sold by a dealer and passed inspections, has no visible defects, no check engine lights, etc. It is visually very clean and appears to be well taken care of and is listed cheaper than the previous v70r mentioned. So so now I'm faced with a decision of purchasing a v70r with 170,000 miles but with some verifiable maintenance done fairly recently (check above), or a v70r with 135,000 with no maintenance records but being sold by a dealership and slightly less expensive. Any thi
  2. So I had a mechanic take a look at it - the only codes that came back were the suspension module, which was expected because he hasn't had the SUM installed and calibrated yet but it will come with the part, and the siren code. Mechanic drove it and said it performed as expected and felt good.
  3. Found out a little more about the car. It also has had these done recently: Wheel bearings Control arms Stabilizer links inner and out ends Left and right front shocks
  4. It is auto with atacama interior. I'm really thinking of paying for it to be looked at by a shop or dealer before buying would this be worthwhile? Best way to make sure the AWD is working if there are no visual indicators?
  5. Hello Everyone! I'm looking to purchase my first V70R and I'm seeking for some advice and guidance on a particular vehicle. I've currently got my eye one a 04 V70R with 170,000. The first thing that gets me nervous is the number of miles. The timing belt and pump were replaced at 145,000, front struts were done at 150,000. Vehicle is priced at $4,200. Other items that were recently replaced: ABS Control Module DIM + CEM(?) not sure what this was but it was an expensive repair according to the records. And it currently still needs installed the suspension module, although the vehicle will come with the part. Thank you for your ideas.