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  1. I am posting up for sale my OBX downpipe from my 2004 S60R. I am selling the downpipe because I believe this downpipe may have been meant for a FWD platform, as the driveshaft clearance is very close. The downpipe is an OBX downpipe that has been heavily altered - Magnaflow cat has been TIG welded in, and Yother stainless flanges have been TIG welded in place of the crappy OBX flanges on inlet and outlet (flanges alone were $100), only has maybe 100 miles on it. Flanges may have been slightly warped in the welding process, so may need a light machining/belt sanding for perfect seal. Asking $400 shipped OBO (I've put about $600 into the downpipe with the Catalytic Converter and Yother flanges and TIG welding) Downpipe before new flanges: Downpipe with Yother flanges: