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  1. I will add pictures soon. Picked it up for a great price because I believe it will need a head gasket. Interior is super clean and original. Has some scratches in the paint. Black with charcoal interior. But, since I will be tearing it down, and I want to put around 300HP to the wheels.... How do I get there? Is the drive line tuff enough for 300 hp if stock but in good condition? I live near the "Twin Cities" in MN. Any good shops or clubs in the area? I have wanted a volvo wagon sleeper for some time. I owned a 1990 740T and loved it. I am a brick fan. But a quick turbo wagon. Come on... That is a sleeper lovers dream!!!! I am sure at some point I will want more than 300hp but I think I will have to build the driveline first. So lets start at 300hp.... Thank you in advance for any help you can give me. I am very mechanical and can do any work myself, except for tuning....