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  1. Welcome! What year? Only 27,000 miles? Sounds like a great find. Looking forward to seeing some pictures. Hopefully the anticipation doesn't make this week drag on too slowly...
  2. Last Wednesday’s appointment was rescheduled for today. Well, after what felt like a swift kick to the junk, I am adjusting to the fact there were a lot more repairs than I was anticipating. While the issues could generally be considered standard for a high mileage car (90k) and would need to be completed at some point, I was hoping to postpone the pain for a while so I could focus on the more routine maintenance. My indie guy is fantastic and his rates are fair; I simply hate parting with money even when I know it is part of owning a high mileage R. I initially went in for: New timing belt/water pump/tensioner Replacement of headlamps, daytime running lamps, console bulbs, windshield squirter, and other minor items. Figured it was there, so might as well do the minor things to save myself some time. Investigate “minor” oil leak It ended up with the identification of the following issues: Front cam seals are leaking. He’s going to replace front and back seals. Engine coolant reservoir is leaking due to crack. Replacing reservoir. Intercooler tube has many little holes (more than the standard drain hole) which is bringing excess air into the system. Replacing tube. PCV is clogged (which is causing the oil leak in part, and why it blew out the dipstick this past weekend). Replacing PCV and associated parts. Hoping the entrance to the oil pan is not clogged (he’ll investigate that when he gets in there) I guess the good news is the turbo is fine, and I shouldn’t have to worry about these types of repairs for what I hope to be a long while. This obviously postpones my desire to have the car professionally detailed, leather reconditioned, and the engine block cleaned up. You may ask why I don’t do these things myself. Time, or lack thereof, at least in this stage of my life. As mentioned in the original post, I knew I was gambling by not having an independent inspection performed before buying, so no need for any “I told you so’s.” My mechanic mentioned once he fixes all of these things, such as the intercooler tube with leaks, unclogging the PCV, and cleaning the throttle body, I may see improved performance and speed. I’m already amazed at the performance, so I can’t imagine even a little more speed and acceleration. This car is going to get me in trouble.
  3. Rabin and Tzantushka, thanks for your comments. I ran by my indie mechanic on my way to work on Friday just to make sure it wasn't anything requiring immediate attention. With a quick visual inspection, he suspects the intercooler. Hopefully, it is what is considered a "normal" amount and not an excessive amount indicating a possible turbo issue. I'm heading back on Wednesday for a timing belt/water pump replacement and some other routine maintenance, so he'll be able to provide more details then. I'll also get his thoughts on the accelerometers. Depending on how much this visit ends up costing, next steps include getting the car professionally detailed and interior leather reconditioned. Once she is all prettied up, I'll post more pictures.
  4. I just took this car to Jiffy Lube to get the mandated safety and emissions inspection performed. As the guy who performed the inspection was in the garage printing out the "passed" forms, one of the other techs who didn't work on the car came out and said, "Hey, while he's printing forms, one question....How do you like driving the R?", which resulted in another 20 minutes of interesting car talk. Of the 7 techs in the garage, only that guy and his supervisor knew what the R was. The rest just thought it was a station wagon. I absolutely love this sleeper.
  5. As a long time owner of a 2004 V70 (2.4), I decided to make life a little more interesting and, after months of searching, finally found a fairly nice V70R in the Midwest. After speaking with the former owner and the local indie Volvo shop that serviced the car, I made the 12 hour same-day round trip to check out and purchase the car. After a visual inspection in 17 degree weather and a good test drive (yes, I gambled by not having someone perform an independent inspection), I am now the proud owner of a 2006 V70R with approx. 90k miles. It has a nice black exterior with the Nordkamp interior. It is a blast to drive, but I don't need to tell that to this group. It's an 11 year old car, so it has its expected idiosyncratic issues. I knew going in it needs a timing belt within the year, so no issue there. I just discovered an oil leak this morning coming from the front/left side of the car, about 6 inches back and over from the driver side fog light. This wasn't noticeable when I looked under the car during the initial inspection (or I just plain missed it). Probably a seal of some sort that is leaking and traveling down the frame (let me know if you have any thoughts on this). Looks like I'll speed up the timing belt replacement and replace some seals while they're in there. Going into this, I knew these cars can have issues and can be pricey to repair and maintain. So, overall I'm satisfied and still no regrets. I never knew driving could be this enjoyable. I did have to make an unexpected additional purchase.....upon opening the owners manual to review, someone previously replaced the 2006 V70R manual with a 2002 Volvo Cross Country manual. Ebay saved the day.....should have the correct manual within the week.