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  1. Just wanted to give one last chance here... car is still sitting at my family's farm up in northern Illinois. Seemed like there was a bunch of interest but when I reached out to people I didn't really hear anything back. I'm probably just going to end up driving or towing it to the junkyard since I don't have time to deal with parting it out myself. I've removed a few things but everything mechanical is still in the car. It ran fine as of last fall. Anyone interested in taking the whole heap away from me? Make me an offer. I have a few parts already pulled that I could ship - radio, headlights, climate control unit. But I'd rather sell the rest of the car in one shot. You could probably still drive it away if you put a battery in it (and drive when it's still light out :-) ) Thanks!
  2. What sort of details on the drivetrain are you looking for, and how could I find that out?
  3. PM sent if it's not too late.
  4. So I was shocked to hear my friend say that he was able to start the car and drive it around! I'm pretty sure the car cut off the fuel during the accident. By the time I got my things from the car in the tow lot, the battery was dead (probably because they left the lights on or something). My friend charged up the battery, and he started it up, and said he saw a message on the info center, something to the effect of "fuel unlocked" or something like that. He was able to drive it around the property without any noticeable issues, other than the service airbag warning (the passenger side curtain activated during the accident). Is it worth trying to sell as a whole vehicle, now that it is at least drivable? Or should I just continue my plan to sell it for parts?
  5. Sorry, it's an automatic :-( Mine has the dark blue (Nordkap?) leather seats, I think they are in pretty good shape overall, but I'll have to take another look once I get the car back.
  6. I'm in the western Chicago suburbs, but I'm having it towed to my family's property further north (about 1 hour 15 minutes northwest of Chicago) since I don't have room at my house for it. I'll post an update once this all happens. Any suggestions for the "biggest bang for the buck" items that I should try to sell, given that I don't have much time to mess with it? I suppose ideally it would be small parts that I could easily ship (maybe list on ebay etc). I'm open to parting out to forum members if anyone is interested, it will just be a bit more hassle for me since I don't live where the car will be located and will have to arrange it with my friend who lives nearby.
  7. Finally heard back from the "total loss unit." The damage repair estimate was over $8000, so they consider it totaled. They used Autosource to find comparables and initially came back with an Actual Cash Value of about $6800, plus they'll pay registration fees/taxes etc. I pushed back and said that sounded low based on the average ebay results (I figured about $8200). He called me back and said he had Autosource look up some more comparables, and they increased the ACV to about $7600. Thoughts? He said the salvage value is $475, so I think I'll buy it back and part it out. RoyW, you might be in luck! PM me if you're still interested in the hood...
  8. Thanks everybody. Thankfully I didn't have my wife or kids in the car when this happened. And I walked away without much other than soreness and some tingling in the hands. I'm in the Chicago suburbs. Not sure what will happen, still waiting on the claims adjustor, but they said it will most likely be totaled based on the initial description. I'm not sure it's worth the effort to buy it back at salvage value from them (no idea what this would be yet), since I'll have to pay to get it towed somewhere, and then spend time trying to part it out. I'm open to being convinced otherwise, but I just don't see myself having enough time to part it out at this stage in my life.
  9. Long time lurker here. Was t-boned yesterday by a guy who ran a red light. Based on the damage shown in the picture (passenger side airbags deployed both front and rear, middle window shattered, both passenger doors crushed, roof warped, rear quarter panel bent, is it safe to assume this will be considered totaled? For what it's worth, it seemed like I could not even shift from Drive to Park after the accident for some reason - the shifter almost seemed frozen. Any tips on getting a fair value for it from insurance? I have no idea what they are going to offer, but I'm assuming they won't quite understand the relative rarity/value of the R model. I kept it in pretty good shape, it had about 130,000 miles on it - it's been the most dependable car I've ever owned. Also, is there any point in trying to buy it back for salvage value? I'm guessing there would be a lot of work to get this drivable again (I assume the car disabled itself since the airbags went off, right?) Thanks!