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  1. Hi guys, pretty new here so sorry if I posted in the wrong section. I have a 2000 V70R and I've done all I could with the transmission before rebuilding the whole thing. 1. 3 SL solenoid change our done by a local transmission shop. 2. Additional 3x ATF drain/fills to make the fluid back to clear pink. I used Toyota Type 4 fluid. 3. B4 servo cover update. 4. I need a vida dice to do the TCM update. Pulling batteries doesn't seem to cut out. Car shifts pretty smooth after I pull the battery but has shift flares again after a 60kms or so. I've tried to warm up the car first by shifting manually from L 3 4 then when it's warm, it seems to shift really well. I still find that it doesn't like to downshift going uphill and it feels reluctant to accelerate, I'm hoping vida dice TCM update will complete all my blood and sweat poured into this girl. Anyone in the Vancouver, BC Canada area? I'm hoping if I can borrow their Vida Dice to do the TCM update.