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  1. so ask your guy if he muffler guy if he wil give a better price he can both of ours teekey !!!!! let me know !!!!!!!
  2. yea it doesnt sound loud at all i wonder if you take off one of the cats ? and did you do enlargen the down pipe to 2.5 ?
  3. http://www.snabb.us/S40-2001-2003-Jetex-304-Stainless-steel-high-flow-exhaust_p_277.html so this what i see i take it the muffles is the one with the tips and the other is ??? resinator ? i just would rather run the muffler with a 2.5 pipe will that to be loud ??
  4. what kind of a muffler is that ?
  5. thanx i appreciate it !! are you cats still on this video ?
  6. who the hell is that lol ? how much is it ? i dont want anything super loud its my daughters car
  7. so you took of both cats and passed state inspection ?
  8. so no update ?
  9. thats freakin bad ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD nice job bro !! where in pa are you im in nj and want to work up 2003 s40 !!
  10. hey you have pics of your brothers car with that intake id like to see it !!???
  11. how much was the cold air kit form motech ? i have 2003 s40 turbo id like to get that and put an exhaust on it to help it breath but dont want something very loud !! ??