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  1. what is the name of the shop that rebuilt your transmission? what did they do to it? reinforced?different final gear ratio?
  2. hello guys, I'm brand new on this great forum and this is my first post so please do not be too rude. the new Volvos are now equipped with the aisin 8 speed automatic transmission: I was wondering if it would be possible to update the transmission from the old 6 to the newone. a couple of years ago I investigated the same mod for my old car equipped with the aw50-55 but it appeared to be not possible to update it to the 6 speeed as the tf80sc uses a higher processor bit speed so the engine ecu would not understand the different signals. I did not found much infos on the web about the new 8 speed tg81sc, on the Aisin web site they only shows a couple of pictures about fuel consumption, gearbox size and 0-60 mph data: no info about max torque or software used so I have no clue about the electronic compatibility between the two systems. is there any experienced guy who knows the differences about the two systems and if it would be possible to swap from the old to the newone?