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  1. Down baby down, down, down.
  2. We are exceeding TB this year. They've become more stable recently.
  3. Not as much as he does. Especially given it's a one time fee if you choose one of the higher two levels. There was a while where he wasn't breaking even on the site if I recall correctly. I believe part of the reason for the upgrades was to ensure the site continues to pay for itself.
  4. I'm +1 you for the angry and bitter comment Jon. I think that's a very plausible possibility. A couple of dynamics have impacted the site: 1. The stability and code issues create a couple of problems: Losing access to all kinds of content with site upgrades has been an ongoing issue that we've survived and overcome. But VS has lost the prestige of being the site to come to for maintenance support as the well developed content especially for the P80 and P2 platforms has either disappeared, degraded or diminished. 2. Community dissolution has created an ongoing decline which in turn impacts the content and the cohesiveness of VS experience: A couple influences are impacting this shift: First, VS has not maintained strong relevance as owners have transitioned from 850/SVC70s to P2 and beyond. As the cars have gotten older and fewer and the main driver base have aged many drivers have moved off the Volvo platform to other brands. The R forum on SS for as much as we mock it evolved to become where the majority of P2 owners were hanging out. And with few owners buying the newer Volvos on VS there simply hasn't been the opportunity to grow a relevant community and so more users have moved elsewhere. Second, the social aspect of Volvo ownership has transitioned heavily over to Facebook and other forms of social media. Yes there is a Volvospeed Facebook page and with it comes all kinds of asshatery but we haven't really integrated very well with it. I'm not sure it's possible to do so. The continued fracturing of media for enthusiast engagement is certainly impacting the vitality of Volvospeed. Can something be done to change the decline? There are steps that can be taken to stabilize it but you are probably right Jon, VS is never going to be what it was 3-5 years ago. The question is what are we looking to save? Probably the core community of enthusiasts who share their cars and continue to advise new owners of 870s and P2s on how to get the most out of their cars.
  5. Feels like the site is getting more complex and full of cruft with the last two updates. I'm sure it will be back. We need to think about how to help it recover when it does.
  6. Starting to consider the odds that VS is DEAD. Even if it recovers outages like this accelerate the evaporation of Volvo enthusiasts who frequent the site. I've started visiting the other sites and looking for enough activity to engage around as an alternative. And I'm one of the diehards.
  7. Apparently something went REALLY wrong.
  8. Hi Mike! Since VS has been down for almost 24 hours now I find myself pondering yet again how far the forum has fallen in the last year. Does Chuck just not care any more? I mean the joke used to be that a site with this much downtime could only be Turbobricks as it mirrored the behavior of their cars. With more of the modern platofrm activity moving back to Swedespeed are we destined to languish?