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  1. Is there a best place to advertise your car for sale. In the past I have heard of V70R's being listed on Ebay Motors. Is that the best option? I am in Vancouver Canada with a 2007 model. I purchased it in the US and think I should sell it back into the US but I'm not sure of where to advertise or if Americans will come to area to purchase or see it.
  2. Good day, A great sponsor has the Foxwell NT301 Diagnostic Scan Tool on sale for a good price. I have shied away from OBDII readers in the past because of Volvo's proprietary system for trouble and run codes. Would others please tell me if they have used this and is it better than most? Regards,
  3. Is this forum dying or fading away? I hope not but not many people on it compared to SP's R subset. Anyway, situation resolved. While doing some other work, I googled the problem and guess what? It is a very common VOLVO problem that has been going on for 15 years at a minimum! I did spray some WD40 on spare key (would have preferred Lithium grease) wiggled it around as possible in ignition, applied a little pressure and it worked. It continues to work. According to posts on different forums - almost all tow-truck drivers know about this problem and Volvo wants $500 to order & replace cylinder. Regards, and I really do like this Forum and still love the car.
  4. Happy New Year! I have not posted nor had a problem for a while - so here it is. Got in this morning and neither my key nor my Wife's key will turn to position II in the ignition. I first thought it was the steering wheel locked and so I moved it to ensure this was not the problem. Now I am lost. Can anyone help? Regards,
  5. Yes, they are mounted low but still higher than the front air dam. Hidden Hitch also has models with off-set tongues to ensure trailer hitch rides higher. Anyway, it works well for me.
  6. I installed a 1 1/4 inch unit two years ago. Obviously aftermarket and heavy enough for a utility trailer. It was fun as I installed it myself and I also installed the Volvo wiring harness myself. Not big jobs but make you feel good when it works. A utility trailer is as much as I want to tow with the R. Extra balls are cheap to ensure when I borrow a trailer it will work. (borrow a trailer - did I mention I am cheap?)
  7. Wow, I cannot believe how long it is since I've asked for help or contributed. The V70R just goes. Now to the question: For some reason when the remote door unlock button is pushed, only the driver's door unlocks. When I push it again the other doors do not unlock. This is the case with both our remotes. Any ideas?
  8. Hi there. I have tried both as guest and signed in. In neither case did the link work. We're now 6 months with an '07 V70R GT. I was like the original post person. What will I be getting into? So far easy and a real 'kick in the pants'! A great car and lot's of fun. Maybe some money for repairs in the future - but try a Merc or BMW out of warranty that only provide half the fun! Regards Wayne