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  1. Colorado for the driveshaft for sure. save the box to send other back. shock may be leaking. it's a known to happen.
  2. this sounds crazy. probably more than one issue. have the mech look at the viscous coupling. something in the driveline is messed up. i wonder if a tire balance weight is loose and spinning eventually gets it centered. most of the whinning i've heard of are wheen bearings.
  3. not sure this is related, but didn't around 07 they changed the canBus? Stuff might not be talking.
  4. did you do the plugs when you did the coil? What about the plug wires? just clean the MAF before buying a new one.
  5. not exactly sure what you are describing, but might be inflatable bladder for lumbar
  6. maybe he didn't really want to sell it.
  7. alt belt work is stupid expensive done at the shop at least.
  8. these cars eat wheel bearing for lunch. your issue doesn't sound exactly it, but who knows.
  9. an engine mount could be it, thats the cheapest place to start.
  10. IIRC the 00 has that manifold. the upgrade would be the mani of a P2R
  11. looks good. GLWS
  12. hi Paul. my 98 has turned totally into a kid car. 18 and 16. They love it. They have slowly destroyed it, but i know they are safe. I might try to bring it back to its glory someday. i drive an outback now lol.
  13. welcome. the '00 is a great car. what color int?
  14. that skid plate from every tech I've ever talked to is not recommended. It traps to much heat in the engine bay by blocking air flow.
  15. thats new to me.
  16. 2.3-2.4 is just a larger engine. p2 Rs were 2.5 not sure about Japan spec. but the manifold upgrade is often referred as JAPANIFOLD. different sized turbo's used in different years. P2s had a KKK24 twin mufflers tend to flow better
  17. never heard of a seat belt going out. able to show pics?
  18. i recently wanted to add one to my outback. after shopping around, best deal, best quality, best installed price was from UHAUL.
  19. the XC are so darn expensive now. Just bought an 18 4runner. Great vehicle.
  20. come to think of it, that is high. i'll have to go look again. iirc it might be 20lbs
  21. low ball them and see what happens.
  22. manual or auto? make sure the AWD is working. what interior?
  23. thats my first thought. Do you have a manual?
  24. Welcome, Yeah, what year