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  1. 2.3-2.4 is just a larger engine. p2 Rs were 2.5 not sure about Japan spec. but the manifold upgrade is often referred as JAPANIFOLD. different sized turbo's used in different years. P2s had a KKK24 twin mufflers tend to flow better
  2. never heard of a seat belt going out. able to show pics?
  3. i recently wanted to add one to my outback. after shopping around, best deal, best quality, best installed price was from UHAUL.
  4. the XC are so darn expensive now. Just bought an 18 4runner. Great vehicle.
  5. come to think of it, that is high. i'll have to go look again. iirc it might be 20lbs
  6. low ball them and see what happens.
  7. manual or auto? make sure the AWD is working. what interior?
  8. thats my first thought. Do you have a manual?
  9. Welcome, Yeah, what year
  10. if everything is proper ( stage 0) 1.6 should be fine. my tune is set for 1.8. Just drive smartly.
  11. drive shaft might be out of balance.
  12. WothRline announced he was going out so look for steveO or HILTON
  13. personally, i'd go K24 if you are going to do the work. def. will need a tune, maybe injectors also.
  14. we crossed 10k miles the other day. Very happy with the gas mileage so far. no noises, really haven't used the AWD in any real way yet though. I'm thinking of taking that as my work car next year and getting the wife a 4runner.