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  1. I check in every couple of months or so. Funny thing I still get subscription notification emails periodically from old threads. Always a pleasant surprise.
  2. I’d be willing to bet the fuel filter is leaking. It’s an external filter on the underside of the car. Very cheap and easy fix. $25 part and 10-15 minutes with a pair of pliers and some rags. Search on on YouTube for diy videos. Super easy. Part can be had at Walmart or any autopart store.
  3. P&A Smith in Cary is very good for Volvo. Reeve-Smith in N Raleigh is also a Volvo specialist. IMHO I’d try p&a first.
  4. Sounds like BS to me. The light comes on because the level is low. Add oil and the light goes out. The only thing that needs restring is the service interval setting in the DIM. I think they screwed up and are being less than straightforward about it. Something was loose that allowed the oil to leak out i.e. Drain plug, dipstick. How low was it? Did you check before taking it back? Never heard of it going into limp mode because of oil level. Hope the engine isn't damaged.
  5. I think your best bet would be to sell it. Try swedespeed or the P2R Facebook pages. There's a P2R classified as well.
  6. Maybe a boost leak or need a new TCV?
  7. Try asking over in the R forum on swedespeed. Much more likely to get answer. Think there's even a diy with pics posted.
  8. Parts are around $350. A lot of people do it themselves. Don't know what the labor would cost. FCP and IPD both sell kits that contain all the parts you need for the job.
  9. Well I've decided to try mine myself. The parts alone, depending on brand can run about $300-$350 alone. Don't know what the official "book" hours call for, but it seems to me anything over $1K is too much!!
  10. What little research I've done, yes, the intake really should come out. I think it's possible, but MUCH more difficult.
  11. Im in the same boat with my VR.
  12. I replied on swedespeed. I'm actually replacing my front sway bar on Saturday if you want to watch/learn/help. PM me here or on swedespeed if interested. We could run a vida scan on yours if you're interested.
  13. ^+1 Going to be a long 2-3 months!