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  1. I now have 198,000 on the clock. I constantly replace parts due to old age or breakage and typically use Volvo parts. Recently replaced steering rack for the second time---the last one I bought was a leaker. But now there is a tough problem that does not seem to want to yield. The car is just a hard starter. It takes 5-6 cranks to start and often needs 2 or 3 times to do this before even starting. Have replaced the fuel pump and filter about 18 months ago with Volvo brand. Just replaced all tuned up parts along with coolant temp sensor and fuel pressure regulator. Replaced a couple of vacuum hoses including the one from the air intake to the metal tube behind the engine that feeds the fuel pressure regulator. New coil. Fuel pressure measures around 38 at idle and rises to 44 on acceleration. Holds pressure for hours after turn off. Have not replaced the MAF. Would appreciate any ideas.