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  1. +300,000. This engine? 10,000.
  2. Has anyone installed a Volvo trailer harness on an '04 that plugs in to a 7 pin trailer connector? If so, what part number? What brake controller did you use? Thanks!
  3. 139k on my 04 All miles mine, except teaching kids to drive a stick and two days my wife had it. I have replaced a lot of parts, including but not limited to these things I can think of right now: clutch, angle gear, drive shaft, rear sub frame, front upper strut mounts, front calipers, AC compressor, power steering pump, front hubs, shifter cables. Must have been through 8 sets of brake pads, two sets of front rotors. 40 track days. Of these items, only the rear sub frame was under warranty. Now (desperately) needs front struts, and I have trouble shifting again, but I am out of dough.
  4. For a potentially relevarnt comparison, I lowered my R (with stiffer springs) by about 3/4". The lower CG is great for high speed cornering. The wheel well space is not quite adequate for the lower height and I will be adding 10mm spacers as soon as I can get them made. The rubbing gives me what feels like a 50' turning radius.
  5. Count me in as interested. Thanks for all your research!
  6. Was the 180 with the winter tires? Tire Rack has delivered my set of the 210's to a local installer. I hope for better performance!
  7. Thanks, Doug! BTW, did you do the installation yourself in your driveway, how long did it take and was it simple? It looks as if the car hasn't moved in the pix. Mine are in, and wonder if I should just install myself - in all my free time...
  8. Woah! How fast do we need to go in the snow?!? The reports on the following page: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/tests/winter..._perftest_2.jsp indicate test results for some high performance winter tires. The highest performer was the BridgestoneH-speed rated (210 kmh/130 mph)Blizzak LM-22. That is only a slightly lower speed rating (30kmh/ 19mph) than the V speed. Unless I am missing something (and I am no tire expert), there is not a V speed rated tire that performs as well for the full spectrum of winter conditions (driving in excess of 130mph is the last condition I expect to encounter this winter). The H-speed rated Pirelli Winter 210 SnowSport rated pretty well in test results too, and was rated higher in the cunsumer survey of winter tires: http://www.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/winter.jsp (Note that the Pirelli's are in the "Performance" catagory whereas the Bridgestone are in "Studless Ice and Snow") Right now I am leaning toward the Blizzaks. Thanks, Doug for the lead to TireRack!
  9. Thanks! BTW anyone interseted in a great comparison of the before and after mudflap installation appearance should see your car photos web site: http://home.comcast.net/~defgh1/wsb/media/...78/site1007.jpg http://home.comcast.net/~defgh1/wsb/media/...78/site1008.jpg I think I will get a set - further disguise the R as a mere family wagon