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  1. My 2006 V70R with aftermarket IPD sway bars makes a booming noise in the rear (left rear, I think) when I hit a bump. Loud and hollow sounding. Sway bar bushings seem a little worn but nothing terrible. I took out the spare tire and trey, etc., but the noise is still there. My 98 V70R had a rattley tailgate, but I don't think that's the problem with the '06. Also, there's an annoying whole-car vibration that starts about 55 mph and quits about 80 mph. Lot of play in the driveshaft. Mechanic says to get a rebuilt one from Colorado Driveshaft. At 160K miles, this car feels like it's rattling apart. Radio quit, A/C condensor shot. Might be time to dump it, but I just love driving the car. And now I can't even turn up the radio to drown out the noise. Please answer my questions and talk me out of buying something boring and Japanese. Thank you.
  2. When I bought my '06 V70R, it had the rail of a aftermarket roof rack installed. Problem is, I got no cross rails, so the rack is useless. I have no idea who made the rack, and the previous owner didn't know either because he didn't get any info from the fist owner. (I am the third.) The car was originally registered in CO. Anyone recognize this rack from the photos? The rails are screw and glued to the roof. Appears to be high quality. CAN'T UPLOAD PHOTOS, EVEN SMALL ONES Thanks in advance for any help you might offer. Happy, merry.