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  1. $100 ??? Make an offer
  2. Anyone interested? Send me a message, just looking to find it a new owner. It always starts on the first try. Take it for the parts, tires and snow tires (Bridgestone Blizzaks) mounted on the factory R rims you see in the picture (thats 8 factory rims). Drive it away, tow it away, whatever you want. All factory manuals, leather case, and work receipts. Also have a bunch of oil filters, oil filter wrench from IPD, etc. I'm thinking $200 bucks or so for everything. If you are unsure want more pics, want to talk on the phone, send me the info.
  3. Single owner, has about 71k miles, relatively new tires, replaced radiator, plugs, fuel pump, full set of snow tires on stock v70r rims. Looking to get rid of the car as I don't need so many cars any more. If interested let me know and I'll take a bunch of pictures and send them. Like I said, I'm looking to see if someone would like it at a very reasonable price. If not I was thinking of donating it to a charity.