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  1. Thank you, Caboose.
  2. Check engine light on for a couple of months and car runs fine. 3-4 seconds fast idle at startup if it has sat for awhile (2000 RPM and then settles down to 1100 RPM). Wife does not want us to use it for trips afraid it will breakdown, so we have been really piling up the mileage on the other car (11K in 7 months). Had codes read at AutoZone this morning and got: P2187 System too lean at Idle Bank I P0507 Idle Air Control System RPM Higher than Expected Diagnosis is "replace PCV System Hose." Where is it and how hard to replace? Thanks, Paul
  3. have check engine light, and nothing seems to be wrong. runs fine. Last time they changed my tank filler tube and cap. Could this be the often defective 431D code?
  4. Yes, the bulbs are original. Only left one has the message. I am home now, and do not drive it at night so I will wait until I can find instructions to troubleshoot it.
  5. Hit a big bump and got error message of bulb failure low beam headlight. Am Out of state waiting for grand baby to arrive. and will not be home for a few days. Should I bring it to a dealer here or wait and try to fix it myself when I get home? If the latter, how hard is this to Do? About how much does the bulb cost? Any advice appreciated, Paul
  6. V90

    We got the Wilderness Green Touring, but traded my wife's 2014 S60-5T instead of my 2004 V70R Silver Bullet. So I can still have fun.
  7. V90

    I looked at a 2017 Subaru Outback Touring today. Wife is retiring, too, and we need the higher ground clearance for rough roads in parks and, as you know, my V70R is really looowww. <110K miles with Manual gearbox. The new V90 is due out soon and will probably be the same as an S90 I looked at the other day, but with an aft greenhouse. It was really nice, but $66K seems like a lot. And it is too low slung. Any of you familiar with Subarus?
  8. V90

    Car and Driver drove the 2018 V90. Really sounds sweet, but no manual transmission. I do like rowing by V70R six-speed.
  9. Congratulations. Our 2004 is heading for 108,000 at the moment. Have done clutch, timing belt, serpentine belt, brakes, 4th set of tires, replaced resonator with straight pipe to get rid of rain squeal. Wondering about when shocks usually need changing, and is best to use as replacements. Tell me more about 100K badge for grille.
  10. Yep, I agree. Will do it at next service in 7,500 miles if not with an independent mechanic before then. Maybe it is time I left the dealership. I would like to believe that he did not know about the part availability, as they sold only two Rs. He has been my service writer for at least six years, and is for my wife's S60 that we got two years ago. Thanks again for your help, hounddogger.
  11. Welcome to the forum. It has helped me on numerous occasions.
  12. Thank you, hounddogger. I called the service writer and nicely told him about it. He will get it ordered, but I will probably not need it for 20,000 miles, he said. They will keep and eye on it at each 7,500 mile service. If I am lucky, I will be driving the new V90 by then. Best, Paul
  13. At 105,000 service yesterday, dealer mechanic discovered "front pass axle starting to sling grease -- P/N 36000531" Service writer said the boot was leaking, but it did not need immediate attention but would down the road. He said Volvo does not have a kit to replace the boot, only the whole axle for ~ $800. He gave me the name of a local company named Eastern Axle that has repaired boots. Have any of you experienced this issue, and what was your remedy? Thank you in advance for guidance/recommendations. - Paul - 2004 V70R
  14. V90

    My Volvo owning friend in Dothan uses Tom Abrams in Montgomery, which would be closer for your mate than B'ham. And a lot closer than Atlanta. We use Royal Volvo, about 1.5 miles from our house. I have pretty much decided not to get the last of the current XC70 generation. I do not know if a V70 for U.S. has been made recently. If the V90 will too big for us, Like I think. I just might go down to a V60 or XC60. But, crazy me might cash in my chips and get the XC60, if they would offer a deal like thay do for all the others. You would think they would want to sell more of the XC60s by incentivizing them. Maybe that market segment does not need an incentive. You cannot even get the trip to Sweden deal on a XC60 or a Polestar.
  15. V90

    I test drove two XC70s, 2015.5 FWD Drive E 4 cyl and 2016 AWD 5 cyl. There are 3 XC90s at my dealer, and they are loaded at 60K plus. Seems like they are too big for my needs, but I guess the V90 will be about as big as it is on the XC90 and new S80 platform. As you know, the V70R is on an S80 platform. My V70R seems bigger inside than the XC70s, as my cargo cover was too wide to fit in the XC70s. Someone inside at Volvo told me that he thought the V90 would be out in last half of 2016. Here is a rumor link with a photo that looks mighty nice. I suspect it will be in the mid 50s pricewise, with the R-Design around 60k. This is going to replace the V70, which is on its last legs. It will be closely followed by a V90 XC, as I understand. BTW, Volvo US has a sweet deal that expires on 8/31. Free onCall, maintenance and parts (including brakes, wipers, etc. (not tires) for 5 years/50,000 miles and also pay first months note. I forgot to say that I got the conjecture about the V90 release the day after I posted my first message.