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  1. Have a 2000 s40. B4204t2 if i remember off hand correctly. Looking to find an upgrade from a 12T to a 14T. Can anyone point me in the righy direction yo buy one. Not sure if i need a staight or angled flange, but i know its a 1.9 U.S. model
  2. Whats the benefit for using the na cams in the turbo head? Is it worth it?
  3. Nm i got it
  4. I really need a link to buy. I cant find one and im in the process of buying aluminum conversion spool for welder to make my own, this would save me alot of time
  5. Hey guys ive tryed searching on here and google, but idk of its my phone or the search function here, or just lack of a post, but i cant find a location to connect my gauge. Now im assuming that i can pull my stock op sending unit on the front of the motor (2000 s40 b4204 t2), and thread the fitting for my op sensor. But will this give me an accurate reading? And what to do with factory sending unit? Do i unplug it or leave it attached? Will this trip a dash light? Would appreciate any and all help.
  6. Ok i totally love that drop in IC, even at over 500$. I think i like the 14t with the super 60 idea. You mention a standalone ecu. Who makes one for this car. I looked at AEM and REV something and neither have application info for these cars. Would love to pick something up that i can use with a wideband a/f. Ive hit a wall in my searches so i figured id just do an aem a/f uego and skip the standalone. And since its been brought up, im not at all opposed to getting stronger rods and pistonsc but again, where are they available. I have access to several junk motors in the salvage yard, and have built motors on stands and swapped them with the stock motor when i was done. Would these work. I have the 2000 car. Its like that ph1.5 deal tho
  7. Fricken love this guy. Clean i wish you were local dude. If google dont know, you do.thanks for the tips. Will check out thread after work.
  8. Awesome thanks. Now what besides the turbo do i need to do and will it bolt straight up? And what does one that bolts up vome off of. Every google search i find says s40concepts, and its dead
  9. Awesome thanks. Now what besides the turbo do i need to do and will it bolt straight up? And what does one that bolts up vome off of. Every google search i find says s40concepts, and its dead
  10. I have a b4204t2 motor. Ive got my stage 0 done, red ph2 injectors, mbc, and will have my exhaust in the next week or so. I know the honest bolt up turbo upgrade is the 14t. My question before i go ahead and do it is, what all would i have to do to fit a 16t or 19t? And what kind of increase would i see by doing either. I love this car so far. I cant stay away from it. From retrofitting projectors to fogs, to changing out any and all bulbs i come across to leds, to just disassembling interior trim to detail cracks and crevices. Im only at 110k, and she runs great. But im wondering if i will be content with the 14t swap for long. Ultimately, id like to do the whole 5spd/AWD swap but that can wait. Also, ive heard evo III parts fit, suspension wise. Which parts exactly? And last, what is a good flowing fmic and maybe dimensions that work without pressure drop. This is more or less addressed to those that have one. Thanks for any input.
  11. Actually, the red injectors i got from an 02 s40 sitting in a local junk yard. But yes they look identical to those on ipd's site. They cost me 40$ and then had them sent out to be cleaned and tested and that was only 125$. As far as the ss ubend, i got it at pep boys. They recently did a whole make over of the store and sell a ridiculous amount of Vibrant tubing. I trimmed one end down with a hack saw till i got it to fit, and barely. The battery sits at the center outside portion of the u, but with a nice thick piece of rubber adhered to the battery, the ubend cannot physically just pop out. The haynes manual is a hard bound green copy book, and it is the euro version. For the most part its straight forward. As long as you know that a spanner, bonnet, boot, and inlet is a wrench, hood, trunk and intake, you should have little trouble aside from having a unit convertor for torque specs. Teekay is right, contact ipd and give them the serial number of your motor and they can give you the right pcv kit. My intake is just the foam gutted from the stock airbox, with a flat panel k &n. Works fine.
  12. Ipd swlls the entire kit. Its almost 300$. But they sell it. I just finished my 0stage not too long ago, well mostly anyway. The k&n is what i have in a gutted factory airbox. I also did the ss piping from ic to tb, but ive heard the silicon may be slightly better. Either way, throttle response is great. Added red injectors, adjusted wastegate and just did the mbc today (omg). This forum is awesome for help. Everywhere youll see, the page is dead. This, a mathews volvo and sometmes swedespeed are where the info is. I also bought a haynes manual from ipd. Best tool in the world to have, esp when people arent replying on the forums Thw entire pcv kit that is
  13. My next step is either the 14t or 16t turbo, fmic and 3" exhaust and a tune
  14. Relatively new here too. Search 0 stage. Over the course of a year, ive finally got mine done. Also added a ss pipe from intercooler to throttle body. I found one at Pep boys along with silicon couplers and tclamps. Ive also done the wastegate adjustment, gutted my stock airbox and used a k&n flat panel filter and red ph 2 injectors. But i highly recommend the zero stage first. It def brought mine back to life.
  15. Im gonna get a bulb for the driver side tonight after work, and then ill take comparison pics. The light seems a bit filtered on the rd, which isnt too bad, but you can tell. Im not sure what the difference is side by side yet tho