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  1. I'm glad that someone is finally keeping an archive. I would have expected past admins and moderators to have kept site data in an archive, but alas, apparently that hasn't happened.
  2. Bilstein is a good OEM replacement and they stand by their warranty. If you're not looking to push a performance envelope, they're fine. I had them for a number of years on all four corners. Kept them for emergency replacements - complete struts - when I put the KWs in. KW is the way to go for a performance option. There is an issue with the strut bearings now tho. You can no longer get the correct (200 S40) strut bearings that accommodate the KW front struts. the 2000 s40 strut bearings were used on these - andf you shouldn't use the 2001 + strut bearings.
  3. Stopped in to see how y'all were doin'. I see there's a few hard core folks left. Good to see those who have kept the faith. I graduated to an XC60, so I'm an outcast now.... but those 6 cylinders are like crack.........
  4. and any progress?
  5. that's tucked in nice. SS or MS? Paint or ceramic?
  6. It's Awesome DiiO!!!!
  7. I came across this the other day and thought I would share it.
  8. I think I had a hand in that as well. The problem with the write up is/was that the connection to that TO3 style transistor could not be soldered it needed to be crimped. The ferrule to do that with isn't all that easy to find and the tool to do it with is (Cheap $25 USD expensive $300 USD) difficult to locate. Additionally there is an IC and a thermal sensor that should be replaced. If you have the tool and the technology, all the better, but it isn't really Sunday Handyman friendly. DITTO
  9. You know, for the amount of money and time you have spent on this vehicle, I would have thought that by now you would have purchased a dice module like this one:,searchweb201602_1_116_10065_117_10068_114_115_113_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10060_10061_10062_10056_10055_10054_10059_10099_10078_10079_426_10073_10097_10100_10096_10070_10052_10050_424_10051,searchweb201603_9&btsid=01cbf53e-70ae-4ecd-835f-14cb643b3183
  10. Take a good hard look at the hose between the Idle Air Control (IAC) and the Intercooler. Sorry to be so late to the party.
  11. Ummm...I actually broke one of those brass screws off. The interesting thing about both the stock unit and the aftermarket hoses with the bleeder is the little o-ring just under the head of the fastener that forms the filan seal.
  12. ummm, as or this moment the cost is $98.99 USD converts to 140.13 AUS Dollar. Shipping to AUS is an unknown at this time, but this is an OEM hose
  13. ok. Long post to follow: OK. Reading your posts, this is what I come up with: Oil on spark plug #1 – has this been rectified? Did a compression test reveal anything out of line? I wish to point out that OEM spark plugs cure a number of ills – but I’ll come back to this later…. You quote HP and Torque numbers. Have you put this car on a dyno? You tell us that there was a tree that landed on the car and that you have some pulling to one side or another. Have you checked the frame for straightness? Additionally, this is a 16 year old vehicle. As a whole, suspension bushings dry out, ball joints, tie rod ends and strut mounts wear. You have stated that the timing belt and water pump have been changed. By Whom and how many miles ago? Regarding the engine vibration. Inspect all 4 engine mounts. If polyurethane mounts have not been installed and the rubber/hydraulic mounts are intact (bad hydraulic mounts would show a brown discoloration on the paint beneath the mount.) If these are all fine, then I would suggest (as Xcites has mentioned) checking all vacuum lines and also pulling the injectors and cleaning them. Sometimes simply using carburetor cleaner on the injectors will do it or soaking the injectors in sea foam. Worst case scenario – take the injectors to someone to properly clean them or replace them. When you did the PCV change, did you happen to clean the intake manifold? It is useful to clean the inside bare intake And coming back to OEM spark plugs, MY experience with aftermarket spark plugs has been less than stellar. From the photos I see no oil leaks. I would like to know how the cam seals are. I’m not sure if this engine has a VVT cam – Yes, no? Under the covers over the spark plugs, is there oil there? A plug for VIDA/DICE: it is quite useful to reset the engine adaptation after doing a PCV service, injector clean, a MAF/MAP replacement or turbo change. Speaking of the turbo: Which turbo is installed? 12T, 14T, Other? Inspection of the air intake side of the turbo (remove the snorkel hose) reveals what? Over time the intercooler will accumulate oil, A good cleaning here is often useful. Lastly, with high boost engines – of which yours is on the entry cusp of high boost – high octane fuel is a must.
  14. There is a recent article in the NY Times (January 29th, Section B9) that discusses the new Volvo S60s that are being built in China. The article largely praises the S60 and also outlines the production of other vehicles being made there. Does anyone here have any input on this?
  15. Nice work with the shifter. Xicites: Chuck is poking with this site on monthly basis. My post count got reset again Yeah, signatures are gone too, but looks like edits are back