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  1. the V50 T5 will accept a MBC, yeah? what does the V50 boost at? i think my 02 v40 boosts at 7-8psi... and i have been boosting at 11psi for years with no problems
  2. thanks for the useful reply! yeah im trying to keep my v40 decent looking.. outside looks nice. interior; the headliner is sagging, rear struts are blowing, front control arms ( or something ) knocks everytime I accelerate, and something ( i hope its only the alternator ) makes a loud whirling sound anyways.. is yours auto? being from Maryland im *guessing* it is ( because i cant find a manual for the life of me ) I absolutely love the audio in my 02 V40..and thats using a $70 fm transmitter that actually works.. have you done any work to your motor? all i want to do is the k&n with a M.B.C any problems with yours?
  3. super late to reply but after $600 they got it done in half a day and I was out of Concord by 1pm. doing some research about v50 T5s
  4. well im an ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD for not responding.. sorry was a simple turbo hose crack ( one of the short hoses near the top of the motor, in an out in 5 minutes, picked it up from Volvo of Milford ) was vacationing up in Maine last weekend.. driving home ( 4 hours away from home ) original radiator cracked and was stuck to a hotel room for 2.5 days in Concord NH was at the mercy of some AAA approved shop, 629$ for them to get it done in one day ( broke down on saturday 30 minutes before they closed, not open on sunday, so they rushed on monday ) anyways.. at 230K.. my confidence is very slowly dwindling with my v40. not sure if I should do a total overhaul with new hoses, belts, ( get it to stage 0 ) or save my money for a new volvo... please dont hit me but I have been looking at the ford v50s thoughts? :/
  5. Yeah.. ticking problem is much now with the warmer summer temperatures new problem on the horizon though Possible Boost Leak?*02 v40 auto with 225k, k&n, MBC PSI*-stays at the normal -25psi vacuum -rough idle at cold start up, but when warmed up its fine-very sluggish acceleration until the turbo spools up, even that, I never see it go more than around 5 or 6 psi-odd new whistling sound when slowly de-accelerating at around 1 psi ( not the normal boosh sound you get when letting of the acceleration )-when i do get a medium pull going (on-ramp), at around 5psi/ 3.5k rpm, there is a high pitch "weeee" sound that almost sounds electronic ....I have reset the cpu ie disconnected battery for 5 min to see if i can reset something (MAF?)
  6. thanks @1clean00 once the engine is warmed up, she is totally fine. there are no oil leaks ( replaced alot of gaskets a couple months ago ) should i try this little trick to rule out vvt?
  7. so this is the new spot, eh? the V40 is still driving like it a champ at 210K.. trying to keep the outside clean but 14 year old paint tends to naturally die lol still mostly stock with a k&n, M.B.C at 12psi. i still love driving it. storage is perfect for skiing/ biking my only big problem i can think of is when starting the motor cold, there is a loud clicking noise; especially when i put it into drive. i have a feeling its a weak oil pump and that is the lifters clicking without oil?? i let it idle for a minute or two before driving anyways.. cheers! good to see some people still ripping these things http://i.share.pho.to/d58f1ae4_l.jpeg p.s my next car will most likely be a '05/'06 v70 2.5t
  8. whats up guys! still D.D'ing the 40... 200K passed easily.. will be removing cat and replacing with straight pipe soon... still using it as a cargo wagon with bike parts and bikes driving up and down the northeast!! never a complaint from her this mod was about $20 with a hacksaw and some rubber clamps http://www.30forty50.com/forum/topic/21514-where-can-i-get-a-tb-to-ic-pipe/ unfortunately the picture i posted is broken
  9. my friggen buddy had his bike fall off my roof and gouged the subdue out of my passenger door.. all the way down to the sheet metal layer. the exterior was pretty mint before that touch up paint i guess
  10. its about to end here in the northeast.. lift accessed mountains are all closed after this weekend. super fuking bummed we have our local trails, but thats all might turn my bordeum to my 40.. exhaust..14t...idk
  11. whats up guys.. glad to your 40s again! this is what iv been doing with her for the summer and fall.. long trips loaded up with bikes up to NH and VT and PA. stock height is needed
  12. lawd that is awesome dude
  13. this is a good reason why i went back to stock height
  14. cheers dude! good to come back and see people still modding