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  1. recently taken pic
  2. Sorry for late awnser! I did get a hold of a wastegate from a 2.0T fase 2 car and it works great! but it dont look as new and nice as the other one^^ Hehe thx! i did that a long time ago, im going to repaint it becouse it didnt turn out as cleen as i wanted. maby going to use a stencil nex time and spray paint /Diio
  3. did remove my wastegate "kinugawa" and the arm can be moved alot up and down, did blow in to it with the compressor and air comes out at the hole where the arm comes out .. so my membrane is broken ... well done kinugawa ... broke after 1000 km :/
  4. Havent updated here for a while ^^ I have converted my headlights with lenses before and after Also made installation guide on youtube, its in swedish but maby you get some tip here anyhow and the nexus 7 in dash is going slow.. but its fully working Have been organizing my garage Have been strugeling with my boost on my car, did get a new kinugawa wastegate but now my boost comes at 3-3500 rpm and just keep going up to 1.5 bar ~ 21,8 psi ( i shall get MAX 1.3 bar) dont understand why i get slow boost and to high boost :S Normal is early boost and to high or to slow and low boost...... dont know what to do :/
  5. To bad Well mine will not look stock but i want a cleen look so it wont be to far out of place
  6. is this your car? this was realy well done! almost think is was from factory! you have any more pictures for making it? my problem i that i want to make the consol easy to remove and no visual screws. just like stock . :/
  7. baking? .. no just plastic ^^ havent decided how to fit it the best grateful for ideas^^ all for now! /Diio
  8. forgot to update this hehe better late then never^^ well i did swap my oil fed to my turbo new vs old was stiffer then i tought. I also have started my nexus 7 build Did test my new interface on the nexus, did test it in my other v40
  9. Nice car! you just need some nice wheels like 17-18 " on it
  10. Some pics i took the other day still some work before the outside is done tho^^
  11. Hehe i cant stop! its like a drug^^ Hopefully when its done on the outside i can start with what i like most , the inside and make clever and nice electric mods
  12. update 2 the old turbos pressure housing was in good shape! Repainted the oil return Old vs new water pipe new in place! was tricky to remove and replace this pipe, its not that good with space ^^ All for now, going to finish replace everything this weekend! feel free to comment! /Diio
  13. Silent in here? well a update Was going to do a turbo change and i find this ... something is missing xD The old turbo! now i know why my boost only started at 3-3.5K rpm! New vs old Abit of fiddeling to get stuff out! Was dirty as hell back there! Replacing turbo, downpipe and manifold Hoping fot better boost curves now!
  14. Diffuser build golv!
  15. Did build a tyre shelf in the garage... did have a nice flag for it also ! my a pillars getting rebuild, not finished yet bas galler
  16. Friend of mine found a nice sign did find some rust .. no more! rebuld of spoiler
  17. did buy a second v40! Info: Volvo v40 2.0T Fas2 2001 19700 mil going to be my winter car
  18. My side projekt, a t4 engine my friende here helping me
  19. Haven't updated for ages
  20. Thx! no not fog lights , its 4 additional hibeams
  21. thx! its nice with two v40 and i have alot of spare parts from en first one that i can use on the new one. the red one is going to be my every day car and my silver more like hobby
  22. My new volvo v40 i now have 2!
  23. have 215/35/18" and no problem without rolling
  24. I have a problem with my FK coilovers. when i look on the top mount i see that my nutt is not in the center of the rubber bushing... anyone else have this? shall try take a picture so you understand^^