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  1. if that was the case the engine would not run so good. if you take apart a IC tube the engine will problably shut off becouse it dont get enought air
  2. Hello As long as your oil and water is flowing true the turbo without leeking it wont hurt your engine Just buy a turbo from the internetz or from any local scrapyard.
  3. After a longer look at your pictures , I have question. the side on the clutchdisk that broke loose, was that facing the engine or facing the transmision?
  4. Dont say that : it makes me sad xD I hope you only got a falty one! "sticking my fingers in my ears and goes llallalalalla " :X
  5. Did change clutch, flexplate, slave cylinder and sealing ring on the block also did it alone :/
  6. But i dont get any codes? or cant i read out ABS codes from OBD2`?
  7. Renovated a caliper and replaced it. I have had a problem with my red v40 2.0T for a while (The car thinks my wheels are spinning becouse the ABS rings is bad i think, symptome is prower loss on 3rd gear with full throttle and after that the break pedal i numb.) anyhow i did take out my outer drive shaft and did cleen the abs rings.. no change tho Before After
  8. beautiful koni looks nice! you shuld get braided brakes hoses does alot you can by them in yellow also
  9. oo that harsh :/ i remember i was on a car meet and a guy in a beautiful c70 had the sunroof opend the hole time while it was raining, 5 hours .. he had a pool in the center console Btw why is site changed? v70R instead for normal? and all the profile pics and stuff changed ;/
  10. depends where you'r from?
  11. remove timing belt and the nr 22 on this picture http://www.volvopartswebstore.com/images/parts/volvo/fullsize/GR-75699.jpg also remove the intace and exhaust that si connected to the head
  12. nice! how does it work with 19" ? is it hitting the inside if you turn max?
  13. haha the car gets more and more black .. BUT! all the black is going to be painted silver again soon
  14. you can do this 2 ways, 1. you can cut away only the muffler and replace with pipe, this is the cheapest but you cant reuse the muffler becouse you have cutted of the pipes tho it. 2. you remove muffler and the pipes that its welded to and replace with 2,5" pipe you will need 1M straight and 1 90 degree bend if im not misstaken. more expensive but you dont waste your muffler I have had the 1 solution on my car some years ago, but my muffler did have big hole in it so it was broken already ^^ yeah the projectors is great! but i did like the look on the headlights more without them
  15. IF you just ar after the sound i would replace the first muffler with a straingt pipe. Buy a 2,5 " and it will perfectly slide over stock ones in the ends this will give you little more sound out of the car
  16. Test fitted front and splitter
  17. Made more room to get the FMIC more back New adjustable brackets
  18. did finay change my front fenters did can sprayed them and im happy with the result ^^ Old New
  19. I have a problem that if i go full throttle on 3rd gear the car stutters and if i turn of the DSA it goes fine, so the car "thinks" my wheels a spinning and i had a ABS unit at home so i tried to swap it to se if it was the abs unit that vas falty. It wasnt the ABS unit so now i have to check every abs sensor and also try to swap the DSA box just in case ^^
  20. damn those front cupholders is so rare ! cant find one in sweden :S
  21. Did replace the right engine mount and also replaced the ABS control unit. (ABS unit was a bit of a pain to screw lose^^
  22. ah! you have lighten, excellent! was needed
  23. my 18" 215x35 on my 2000 (fase 1) the car is 1cm lower now in the front, only hit inside of wheel house if i go over bumps with full turn
  24. how is this compared to WD40 or 5-56?
  25. wow now with new engine mounts and bushings for the engine mount subframe the car feels like new! its like a new car! soo smoooth ride!