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  1. Full seats. So now i have a full set backseat that is in new condistion to spare but noone wants to buy it
  2. Thx! altho the right backrest wont lock for some reason .. have to get that fixed
  3. finaly change the backseat to one with full leather /skin
  4. Nice with the stereo! I have a nexus 7 as stereo so dont need it tho ^^ but on my other v40 i had i made a mod, solded 3.5mm to casette unit and woalla AUX
  5. Nice tools! what exacly do they do?
  6. Changed the clutch on my red v40 , did a time lampse... alto the memory went full before i was completley done
  7. this is the original , its from SF (Svensk film that translates to Swedish film)
  8. witch one?
  9. great readings! I have made some videos guides on youtube over the years but they are in swedish :/ Shifting headlights without removing front Replace centrallocking motor rear door replace handbrake wire replace the armrest plastic thingy installing Bi-xenon linse replace brake disks replace sealings for the axels , gearbox (manual box) Replace AC unit Replace clutch ops was more videos then i expected xD Dang .. cant edit post .. well well. I hope these videos help someone out there^^
  10. did swap my arm rest for one with stitches Old New
  11. changed the steering rods on ym red v40 also made my own tool to take loose the inner rod. same design as that you can buy but cheeper^^ total cost on tool ~5 usd
  12. TEEKAY , how does it look behind the covers for the timing belt? looks like its leaking behind the VVT pulley. its verry bad to get oil on you timing belt! check asap!
  13. on my red car timeing belt / waterpump change and vvt pulley. also did one side CV joint did build myself a cam locking tool also made a paint booth to paint a door to the red car^^
  14. hehe well i use 95 octane for my other stock cars (lowest octane you can get in sweden) if you use high octane fuel you will decrese the spikings in the engine
  15. 89 octane ... cant even buy that in my cuntry^^ i run mine on 98+ octane
  16. yeah i did Its abit fiddly i did make a special tool, used a wrench that i cutted the plyers with to half so they got thinner. the i cutten the wrench shorter to get more turn room then just look down behond the engine and turn the wheel untill you get the moste stpace on one side
  17. yeah i will have new ones laying around also going to sand blast it and paint!
  18. thats to bad have the same problem. But i have my "new" subframe waiting in the garage^^
  19. why replace subframe?? did the bolts destroy the threads? M12 1.25 thread btw
  20. why not place it in the front of the car?
  21. problably the belt tensioner that is wrongly installed. you problably need to renovate or get a new cylinder head .
  22. teekay why not use heat coat paint in the exhaus housing ?
  23. did find some nice stuff on the junkyard^^ its soooooo sad that they blow up the airbags at the junkyard! just look at these fine seats that i could have had in my car
  24. looks nice! have you ever thought about getting the black interior? Cyborg? wat?
  25. sneak peak on my new door covers