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  1. Thank you for the quick response. Seems I am either reading the chart wrong or the colors are different. I am looking at my 2004 wiring diagram again and realizing they have a chart elsewhere on the PDF that tells color. So checking that now. I don't see voltage requirements on either wiring diagram, then again I don't really know how to read wiring diagrams so maybe I am looking right at it. I am going to try to wire up the passenger seat first since it is in much better shape. I also feel I will have better luck selling driver seat if it comes to that. Here is the link I am looking at for 2004. Pages 160 for colors, and 136 for seats.
  2. I have two 2004 v70r seats. I pulled them from the junk yard thinking they would work in my 2007 v70. But my v70 has airbags in the seats and the 2004 v70r has the air bags in the pillars. I am now wanting to wire up the seats for a desk chair. I have looked online at wiring diagrams for a 2004 V70R, but can not find what I am looking for. When I pulled the seats I cut the wiring harness so I have the part of the harness that plugs into the seat. I need to know what color wires need what Voltage. I will then make an inverter from 120v to 12v or what ever voltage the seat needs. I would like the electric motors to work at a minimum and the heated seat function would also be nice. If anyone can tell me what color wires need what voltage that would be great. Thank you, Matt